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Sesimbra is probably the most popular diving spot in Portugal. Because of its location it’s possible diving during all year. That way, Haliotis created the Haliotis Dive Center in Sesimbra with male and female changing rooms, classroom, store and filling station. You can also find the biggest boat operating in Sesimbra, our Lioti with 15 meters

This pleasant fishing village, is located just at 30km from Lisbon being protected by the Natural Park of Arrábida and its wonderful waters are part of the biggest Portuguese Marine Reserve (38km length)

The dives are characterized by magnificent views with big cliffs, bays and cables. Here we can dive at different depths, between 5m and 10m to beginners and below 30m for experienced/technical divers. The diversity and complexity of the sea life allows us to see a lot of species at different depths. At the moment are known more than 1100 of species of marine macro-organisms. During almost every year it’s possible to do night dive with safety.


It was in Peniche that started the Haliotis project. Infrastructures above average and an optimized operating mode made this project a reference in the Portuguese world of diving. But nothing of this would have been possible without Berlengas Island.

Since 1465, in D. Afonso V reign Berlengas have the status of protected area. They are certainly the most appealing area for diving in the Portuguese mainland. Their famous visibilities and sea wealth are tremendous appeal for divers who dream with exciting experiences.

Those who already experienced the dives in Gorgonians walls and see lots of pelagic in Autumn know what is exceed the emotions achieved here.

Bays of blue water with a lot of fishes, rocks, shoal of sargus..there is a lot of dive spots for all divers levels.

Haliotis in Peniche is an example of quality and functionality. Continuously improved, in 2012 we got another boat, Lascaris, which once again become the reference for diving in Portugal.

Diving in Santa Maria and Faial


Santa Maria – The outstanding conditions of Azores, combining climate with oceanic currents creates excelent conditions for diving with massive amounts of sealife. Here, Haliotis created another project, in the island of Santa Maria making the biggest local center.

Santa Maria spreads for 16,6 km long and 9,1 km wide, with an area of 97 km2, and 5 574 inhabitants. Santa Maria is part of the Oriental Group of the Azores Islands, together with São Miguel, wich stands 81 km away. Its highest peak, Pico Alto, reaches 587 m de altitude.

Around Santa Maria there are some 55 diving spots with caves, canyons, walls, reefs…. Again, oceanic big species are always a possibility even in the closer dives.

Faial – The exceptional conditions of the location of the Azores be it on the climate level or by the influence of ocean currents that provide unique diving conditions making it possible on the same dive observe several species of wildlife and underwater flora. This time Haliotis created another project a Dive Center in the Faial Island of the Azores, where you’ll find the largest Dive Center in Faial.

Underwater fauna is breathtaking. Large groups of manta rays, jackfish and tunas are common when diving in open waters. There also emblematic encounters with large grupers and constant the presence of moray eels, and you may see schools of colorful fishes. The Azores are undoubtedly one of the best places for diving in Europe. We have dive sites to suit all tastes and levels of experience, such as the iconic Princess Alice Bank, Bank of Condor and low Canal between Faial and Pico, among many others.

With arround 19,8 km in lenght e 14 km wide, the 173,43 Km2 of the Fail island area are pentagonly shaped. It is the third most inhabited island of the archipelago com 15.629 residents (2008 survey data). The Faial island is part of the central group of islands and it is the western vortice of the so called “Islands of the Triangle”, together with São Jorge and Pico islands beeing arround 3 nautical miles appart. The highest point in the island at 1043 meters is in Cobeço Gordo in Caldeira’s area with the following coordinates, 38°34’34’’ north latitude and 28°42’47’’ west longitude.



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